Kids and Families

Martial Arts in general are great activities for kids - they promote healthy physical activity and give kids an outlet for their stress and excess energy. We encourage families to train together. Children from 6 years and up only.

Our Classes

Students learn discipline, respect and a sense of well being. Training builds self-confidence, self-reliance and self-esteem. As students progress they learn how to work with other students and help one another. Eventually they also learn valuable leadership skills.


Kihon: teaches basic techniques. Kata: cultivates mind and body. Kumite: students employ techniques in a controlled environment. Jiu Jitsu: teaches awareness, self-defence and how to fall safely.

We mix it up with games, exercise & encouragement. Belt grading and certificates. Optional tournament participation. Lowest pricing in the area for children under 16. We are open year round.

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Financial Assistance

Playing for Keeps Program. Assistance may be available.

The Children's Foundation

Quinte Children's Foundation

Club Sponsors

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